Design and Estimating

The design services tapered network uses the latest technology to offer architects, consultants, general contractors, distributors, and roofing contractors a complete, accurate, and timely engineered tapered insulation system for any project. Kline-Johnson’s fully trained and experienced design team has access to the most advanced software and hardware, including Taper Plus and AutoCAD. This efficiently creates CAD-generated installation shop drawings ranging from basic tapered layouts to complex projects requiring quick turnaround time. We are committed to providing accurate and timely tapered take-offs that encompass all critical elements affecting proper drainage.

Additionally, Kline-Johnson offers architects and consultants a free tapered design assistance service. Through this service, we create a professional and effective tapered system design for any project prior to bid. Based on a copy of the roof plan (AutoCAD format is preferred) and all relevant factors, our design staff will create an AutoCAD drawing detailing the optimum tapered layout, which may then be transferred directly to the bid documents. By considering all mandatory design factors, we offer peace of mind that your tapered design will promote positive drainage.

Our estimating department will provide estimates on commercial garden roofing projects, pedestal paver systems, unique plaza paver systems, standing seam metal roofs, single skin metal wall panels, and complex Rain Screen and Barrier Systems.

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Commercial Roofing Seminars

Commercial Roofing: The Fundamentals

An excellent guide to the basics of commercial roofing with a review of commonly used roofing in the United States.Advantages & Disadvantages of all systems.

Commercial Roofing: High Performance Roof Systems

Discuss the various characteristics that define a high-performance roof system and how to achieve this status, including superior product performance, extended life expectancy, energy efficiency and maximum life-cycle costs.

Commercial Roofing: LEED and Garden Roofing

LEED and a look at what impact roofing can have toward LEED points, including a closer look at garden roofs.

Day Lighting Systems

Not just skylights anymore! Learn how daylighting systems can immediately improve your bottom line.

Building a Better System with Roof Boards

Discusses typical applications of roof boards, fire protection, wind uplift, moisture control and mold, compressive strength, and review all types of cover boards.

Architectural Metal Roofing

Materials and Systems - A review of the materials, coatings, and warranties involved in the design and selection process of architectural and low slope metal roofing systems.

Design and Technical Considerations for Metal Wall Panel Systems

A review of the materials used in metal wall panel systems and an explanation of basic wall design, as it relates to wall panel systems.

What’s Behind The Cladding

Become familiar with the 2012 IBC and IECC design performance requirements of the building envelope, continuous insulation (ci) and associated performance requirements under ASHRAE 90.1.201O. A review of the envelope design and energy performance requirements of H.A.M.M.(H: Heat) (A: Air) (M: Moisture- water Resistive Barriers) (M: Moisture- Vapor Retarders).

Waterproofing Seminars

Cold Fluid Applied Resin Waterproofing

A look at the advantages and disadvantages of cold fluid applied polyester and polyurethane waterproofing, and the importance of flashings and barriers within the cavity wall.

Green, Blue and White Roofing and its Applicability to Sustainable Design

Identifying examples of green, blue, and white roofing systems along with the necessary components. Discuss the difference between reflectivity, emittance, and SRI for white roofing.

Rooftop Fall Protection Seminars

Permanent Fall Protection Design and Considerations

Current codes and standards with respect to OSHA and ANSI requirements, along with what's up and coming for building codes.

All seminars earn AIA learning unit and 1 HSW credit.